Green Farms Holdings

Commercial cultivation management for the cannabis industry. From medical and retail marijuana to industrial and CBD hemp products, our team will put you on top of the competition.

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Quality Product

All natural products, ensure top quality product and compliance to regulations.

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Sq Ft Cannabis Canopy Management Experience To Date


Natural Nutrients

Getting You Licensed

We work with companies new to the cannabis industry, providing experienced licensing direction in those states working to implement new regulatory guidelines. The next 2 years will see well over 70% of the United States looking to regulate and legalize cannabis both medical and recreationally.

Experienced Management

Our team is extremely effective in providing the lowest cost, and highest yields for both cultivation, and business management. By keeping overall costs down and company-wide efficiencies up, all while maintaining compliance we ensure cashflow positive ventures.

All Natural Growing Methods

Our standard operating procedures include all natural nutrients and methods providing top shelf quality.


Highest Purity

Using natural ingredients provides the highest purity end products.


Compliant & Safe

We ensure all our methods are up-to-date with regulation regarding pesticides and nutrients.


Best Yields Perpetually

Using the cultivation spaces properly provides the best yields on-going every harvest. From genetics to environment our experience will ensure an ROI.

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