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Meet the people that make it all possible.

Eric MacLeod – M.D.

CEO / Co-Owner, Managing Partner

Eric MacLeod, M.D. is CEO and Managing Partner at Green Farms Co. Becoming an owner in February of 2019, Eric has quickly established the corporate hierarchy with the signing of 8 new company officers/employees and the implementation of 15 contractual relationships/closings centered around the acquisition of key assets for the company that will be the backbone of growth of Green Farms Co, LLC. His vision is to reorganize the company, acquire key assets and funding, create profitability and sell the company in the next 1-2 years.

He is currently CEO/Owner of Monteagle Ventures, and while at the helm has managed to simultaneously prioritize profitability and conservation in a company that is committed to ethical, eco-friendly natural resource development. He joined Monteagle at its start-up in 2016 and was able to secure critical funding for the company, closing four successful private placements worth over $550 million in total. The company is now worth approximately $100 million. Since 2017, he has served as Lead Director/Partner for Southern Fiber Company, LLC, which specializes in infrastructure development for fiber optic cable deployment and is the master contractor for Georgia Power.  As past CEO of Suture Armor, he promoted excellence in the unique niche of sports-related medical devices and developed a number of patents. He is also involved with MAC Properties, which specializes in land acquisition and residential/commercial construction.

Rob Martin


Rob Martin recently moved from Alaska to Colorado to become the new President of Green Farms Co. He is a pioneering entrepreneur with boundless energy for forging alliances with business leaders and communities. With Julie Martin, his wife and business partner for 13 years, he co-owns Southside Garden Supply, Alaska’s largest retailer of hydroponics & indoor garden supplies. The couple also owns the popular Renew© brand of CBD products and the very successful E*Blunt© vapor products company. Their products are sold in hundreds of retail outlets across Alaska as well as online and will soon be distributed throughout the US. The couple also has a 10% interest in Alaska Leaf, Oregon Leaf, Northwest Leaf and Maryland Leaf magazines. The print medical marijuana magazines have a distribution of over 70,000, with three new states to be added soon. The couple’s holdings, before the merger with Green Farms, have been projected to reach $10 million in 2019.

Martin’s unique upbringing instilled in him an enterprising spirit and a deep respect for nature at an early age. He was raised on a family-owned fly-in sport fishing lodge in the middle of the largest and most remote state park in the nation. His father worked for U.S Fish and Game as one of Alaska’s 12 original game wardens.

Julie Martin

V.P. of Alaska Operations

Julie Martin joins Green Farms as V.P. of Alaska Operations. She currently manages the day-to-day operations of the very successful Alaska businesses she co-owns with her husband of 13 years, Rob Martin. The couple are market movers and do a tremendous amount of business in Alaska. They offer the largest selection of CBD products in the country and are Alaska’s largest retailer of hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies. She is a hard-working and committed businesswoman with expertise in the crucial areas of employee management, accounting and logistics.

Martin was born in Boise, ID and was raised in both ID and AK. She has lived in AK for the last 24 years. She studied business at Boise State University and the University of Alaska. She is passionate about sustainability and educating young people about gardening and is excited that Green Farms is going into places like Michigan, bringing jobs and education so kids can have clean food and water, a clean environment and an economy that is sustainable. She is active in children’s charities, including Children’s Lunch Box in Alaska, that teach children about gardening and growing their own food

Jim Marty – CPA, CVA

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Marty is the Chief Financial Officer of Green Farms Co., LLC. He is a pioneer and a leader in the cannabis industry and is a nationally recognized and renowned expert on marijuana tax, accounting, and banking issues. Jim has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC, and numerous other nation-wide media outlets. In 2012, he founded Bridge West LLC, the first accounting firm in the world to focus solely on the cannabis industry, and currently serves as its CEO. Since 2009, Jim’s practice has grown to more than 150 cannabis clients, and he has consulted in more than a dozen medical marijuana IRS audits. He continues to be a spokesman and endorser of the cannabis industry through his highly attended marijuana education business presentations.

In addition to providing his clients with exceptional tax preparation assistance and unparalleled client service, Jim is accredited in business valuation, intangible asset valuation, and certified in financial forensics. He is a qualified expert witness in jurisdictions in Colorado and California, and on over 30 occasions has provided testimony in Washington, Colorado, and California courts. Jim has testified for several cases involving business disputes, mergers and acquisitions, and business valuation issues.

Jonathan Page Sr. – Esq

Chief Legal Officer

Jonathan A. Page, Sr. Chief Legal Officer for Green Farms, Co., LLC. He is an entrepreneur in an attorney’s body. He thrives on helping CEOs and business owners rethink their next “blue ocean” and how to scale and sustain profitable business growth.

In 2013, Jonathan left a midsized firm, where he served as corporate counsel for large privately-held corporations and small businesses, to found InPrime Legal – a revolutionary way for businesses to approach legal. In doing so, he left the bloody red ocean of the traditional “bill-you-for-every-minute” law firm model and created a “blue ocean” of proactive and predictable legal services for small to midsized companies.

Since 2015, Jonathan has been recognized by Georgia Trend as one of Georgia’s Legal Elite and by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star. Under Jonathan’s leadership, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce recognized InPrime Legal as a Top 25 Small Business for 2018.

Thomas Handwerker – Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Thomas earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1979 and brings top-tier expertise in horticulture and farming methods to Green Farms. He has served as National President of Collegiate Horticulture Clubs and member of the Society for Horticultural Sciences.His scientific achievements include USDA-NRCS National Recognition for Sustainable High-Tunnel Engineering (2012), and a U.S. Patent Award for Maintenance-Free Enhancement of Aquatic Biological Filters Using Amphipods (U.S. Patent 5,466,373) (1995). He has authored 13 research publications, 7 published abstracts, 4 book chapters, 2 magazine articles, 20 extension publications and 5 funded business plans. He has served as a panel reviewer for the USDA, USAID, SBIR, World Bank, and MIPS. He has had the role of special assistant to the president for the Presidential Initiative for Non-Profit Foundation for Economic Development, working on network development for small farms (demonstrated corporate receipts $125 million).

Mark Tilghman

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark comes to Green Farms with over two decades of experience in marketing and media. He has launched and marketed advertising agencies as well as tech and medical start-ups in the US, Mexico, Africa and Asia and has provided leadership for initiatives that have had considerable impact in the advertising and media industries. He is an innovative and socially-conscious entrepreneur who has held many titles, including “Managing Disruptor.”

Mark follows the guiding principle that the companies that will thrive today and in the future are those that contribute purposefully to the greater good. His focus has been on efforts that promote financial well-being for workers, education in emerging nations, gender equality in media, and he believes in Green Farms Co’s potential to contribute to ending the nation’s opioid crisis. Mark views business challenges through entrepreneurial optics, identifying how new ideas, technology can bridge in areas that are currently “disruptive” in order to achieve growth.

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