Recycled organic living soil (ROLS) is a cultivation methodology that leverages a deep understanding of botany, horticulture, and plant physiology paired with the well understood principles of soil science, organic farming, traditional agriculture, and permaculture.


Why Use ROLS?

We are masters in living soil cultivation at commercial scale. Combined, over 40 years of living soil cultivation expertise.


Let Mother Nature do her job. Bring the forest inside and let it thrive!

Living Soil creates a fertile soil, full of microscopic organisms that digest food for your plants. This ecosystem of life gives everything your plants need to thrive, and it produces a superior product in all aspects of cultivation: fragrance, taste, potency, quality, cleanliness…TRUE ORGANIC!

Superior product

In every way. There is no doubt this produces THE BEST product on the market. Ask anyone.

The ROLS plant and mineral sources break down into things your plants’ roots can use; high-humic substances act as both a storage and a delivery system for your nutrients. Aeration amendments like living worms and micro-organisms make sure your roots have plenty of fresh air, adding to the plant’s health.

Lower Cost = Higher Margin

In the face of dropping price/pound, ROLS adds to the bottom line. It costs less to use this cultivation technique. Soil does not need to be replaced. It only gets better with time. Less man hours dedicated to cultivation and soil pH balancing. Less crop loss. Costly nutrients are not used.

Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

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